Architecture, engineering, and environmental firms turn to AVA to advise their leadership consistently and expertly without compromise.

We Inform Your Decisions…

From value maximization to corporate strategy, your underlying requirement is the same: timely, relevant, actionable information to fuel those and other important decisions. Exceeding that need is at the heart of everything we do and applied to every engagement we undertake for A/E firms: large, small, and everywhere in between.

Providing highly credible insights and intelligence on value to firm leadership is made possible by our technical expertise, which is backed by more than 16 years of advising hundreds of architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms. We know the A/E industry inside and out, and this depth of knowledge enables us to provide appropriate and meaningful guidance to your firm.

… with Integrity and Independence.

Our no-compromise approach toward integrity means an unparalleled thoroughness to our work, without ever sacrificing responsiveness or effectiveness. We are staunch believers in the importance of data, and as the accessibility and quality of empirical data continue to rise, we aggressively consume and analyze all of the pertinent information to further our competencies that enable us to help our clients make informed decisions. While we review and apply data as a hugely powerful resource, we never blindly regurgitate it; rather, we ensure that the information we rely on to inform our independent opinions and recommendations is specific to each client.

Although we live and breathe the A/E industry, we never forget that each client’s situation is unique, regardless of how similar their goals are to those of other clients. So it naturally follows that to provide sound, experience- and data-based results for each engagement, our rigorous analyses and assessments are always approached anew and never with a cookie-cutter mindset.

With the best interests of your firm’s needs taking top priority, it is our unparalleled combination and quality of expertise, experience, and execution that leads A/E firm leaders to choose us as their trusted advisor.